The Anderson Group | Inman Park
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Inman Park is a vibrant historic neighborhood located two miles east of downtown Atlanta. The neighborhood traces its roots back to the late 1890’s as the first planned garden suburb in Atlanta. Inman Park is known for its Victorian homes surrounded by heirloom gardens. The area went through a complete revitalization during the 1970’s and became zoned entirely residential. Inman Park has been listed in the National Historical Register since the late 1970’s.


The Inman Park Neighborhood Association serves as the cornerstone of the community. They serve as a liaison with the local government concerning zoning and historic preservation issues. They also oversee the development and maintenance of Freedom Park, which is the jewel of the neighborhood. Currently a Greenway Trail is being developed along Freedom Park running the length of the park from north to south. In addition to provide a scenic trail for recreation, the trail will also improve access to the park for the residents of Inman Park. There is also a neighborhood pool association so Inman Park residents have convenient access to a variety of way to cool down during the summer months.


Inman Park also hosts a number of annual events for it residents and the broader community can enjoy. The annual restaurant week features the fourteen restaurant in the Inman Park area. There is also a yearly tour of historic homes and a festival.




The homes listed in the Inman Park range from extremely affordable lofts to million dollar Victorian mansions and new construction. Home prices have declined modestly as compared to last year. However, it is of note the value of real estate in the Inman Park neighborhood have recovered back to the prices seen at the top of the local residential market in 2006, despite some volatility in sales prices month to month. Those who choose to call Inman Park homes can rest assured their investment is likely to be secure for years to come.



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