The Anderson Group | Candler Park & Lake Claire
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Candler Park is a neighborhood just south of Ponce De Leon Avenue and about 5 minutes east of downtown.   It was actually one of Atlanta’s first suburbs and is a truly eclectic and family friendly area.   The neighborhood has a high focus on livability and is very walkable.

One reason for the popularity of living in Candler Park is due to its central location.   If you are looking for a truly in-town type of location, you should definitely consider a Candler Park home.  This neighborhood is close to everything with less than a 15-minute commute to most downtown and midtown business areas.

The area feels like a bit of an oasis within the city with its proximity to the 55-acre city park, which also shares its name with the neighborhood.  You will find many families and workers taking a leisurely stroll or peaceful lunch break here.    There is also a very nice commercial shopping area located close by.   Best Buy, Kroger and Target are some of the big box retailers within Candler Park.

There is also an excellent 9-hole golf course within the main park.    Kids and adults alike will also find play areas, tennis courts, ball fields, a swimming pool and much more to occupy their time.    Many of the best homes in Candler Park are along the golf course or park.

The area is filled with quaint and charming homes.   In fact, many of the homes in Candler Park are listed as historic.   There are many Craftsman style homes among the beautiful tree lined streets.  Many of these fantastic homes allow the opportunity to walk to the park, recreation and dining.


Residents of the homes in Candler Park have access to some excellent schools for their children.  These include Mary Lin Elementary and Inman Middle.

 Are you looking for some of the most attractive homes in Atlanta?   Candler Park may be for you.   The tree-lined avenues and historic Victorian homes give a sense of serenity within a modern city.

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