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Morningside is a popular residential neighborhood that can be found in the city of Atlanta, Georgia. Morningside, also known as Lenox Park, was first founded in 1931 and has continued to make improvements and renovations over the years. Within this neighborhood, you will find about 3,500 different residential homes throughout subdivisions such as Morningside, Lenox Park and Hylan Park. Once home to the Creek Indians now provides residents with a beautiful place to live within the city with plenty to enjoy throughout the area including top notch public schools for families with children.

Morningside Local Attractions

Because of Morningside’s prime location within Atlanta, Georgia, homeowners and visitors alike will find plenty to see and enjoy within the area. One popular attraction that is fun for the whole family to visit is the Morningside Nature Preserve. This nature preserve is truly a hidden gem within the neighborhood. Head here for trail running, hiking and dog walks as you take in views of the river and sandy beaches.

Another top attraction within the Morningside area is Herbert Taylor Park. Herbert Taylor Park is completely pet-friendly, making it the ideal place to take your furry friend for a day out. This natural park features natural woodland walking paths, unique rock formations and more.

The Rosebud Restaurant is a must-try while in Morningside. This local restaurant specializes in fine flavors within a comfortable atmosphere. Enjoy brunch, lunch and dinner at Rosebud while listening to live music on a regularly scheduled basis.

Schools in Morningside

Morningside Elementary School provides local children with grades K through 5 education. This schools motto is, “growing the future one child at a time”. With a very active PTA, parents and teachers work together to make this school one of the highest rated in the area. This public school offers an average parent rating of 4 and a half stars out of a 5 star rating scale.

Children in the grades 6 through 8 level will attend Inman Middle School in Morningside. This Atlanta, Georgia public school offers many events, fundraising activities and an active PTA along with online parent resources for your convenience.

High-school aged children in Morningside attend Henry W. Grady High School. Recently renovated in 2004, this school emphasizes on communication skills. This school served as an Atlanta Public Schools magnet school up until 2011.

Real Estate Statistics

For those that are looking to purchase a home in Morningside, Atlanta, Georgia, you can expect to find an average listing price of around $785,379 and an average sales price of $525,000. These average prices continue to increase and decrease slightly over time.

The average household income within Morningside is around $34,000 with a state average of $42,000. The average family income in the area is $37,000. While the exact population of Morningside is unknown, the 2012 population based on a census recording within Atlanta, Georgia was 420,003 individuals. The population within Morningside is 2000 was recorded at 5,960.