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Hostess Gift Ideas


With the holidays in full-swing we often have a handful of parties to attend. Whether it is a company gathering or a close friend putting on their annual “ugly sweater” party, there are festivities to attend and generally a host making it all happen. And, in following good etiquette, bringing a gift for the host is a great idea. Here are some tips, from Atlanta Magazine, on getting a thoughtful hostess gift this season:

KNOW YOUR HOSTS. Or at least do your research. Give something that reflects their interests. For example, if your host is an avid gardener, take a cute pair of gloves.

CONSIDER DECOR. Choose gifts that fit the host’s holiday decorations or personal style. Don’t give country cute to a modern minimalist.

AVOID GENDER SPECIFICITY. Pass on overly feminine or masculine gifts when you have multiple recipients to consider. Bath salts could be an awkward gift for a man.

NO MESS, NO STRESS. Don’t bring flowers sans vase; do bring a potted orchid or small arrangement. Also, avoid food that
the host would feel obligated to serve immediately.

GIVE GRACIOUSLY. Be discreet about presentation, not showy. Consider guests who didn’t bring gifts.

INCLUDE A NOTE. Always thank your host for the invitation. Hosts, remember to thank your gifting guests with a follow-up card.

SHOP CLOSE TO HOME. Give out-of-town hosts—or even local ones—gifts with the flavor of home.



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Tips provided above are pulled from the article originally appearing in the December 2010 issue of Atlanta Magazine.